Xbox Series X Can Play All Older Xbox Console Games – Microsoft recently confirmed that its newest game console, Xbox Series X, will be equipped with backward compatibility features.

The presence of these features allows users to play games from all Xbox consoles before Series X.

This was confirmed by Jason Ronald, Director of the Xbox Series X Management Program through an article on his official blog.

Jason revealed that Microsoft has now conducted a trial phase on the brand-new feature.

This was done to ensure the Xbox Series X can run thousands of games from the Xbox console, Xbox 360, up to Xbox One.

“After passing the testing phase for more than 100,000 hours, the Xbox Series X can now play thousands of old games, ranging from the blockbuster genre to favorite classic games,” Jason wrote.

To be able to provide a real gameplay experience, Microsoft claims it will equip this console with a visual display that already supports HDR features.

The presence of the AMD Zen 2 processor and RDNA 2 architecture is considered capable of making Xbox Series X run games with a higher framerate.

A number of older game titles are also said to be updated so they can run more smoothly.

There are games that are upgraded from 30 fps to 60 fps, and 60 fps to 120 fps.

Nevertheless, Microsoft said that not all old games can be run with a high frame rate. Microsoft also has not yet announced the exact date for the launch of the Xbox Series X.

But Microsoft said it would launch this brand-new console at the moment “Holiday 2020” or which coincides at the end of 2020.