Zoom Only Provides Safety Protection for Premium Customers

TEKNOKU.meĀ – End-to-end encryption security features in video conferencing services, Zoom will only be provided for Premium users or for paying customers.

Zoom limits the availability of these security standards only to paid customers, with the aim of preventing misuse of the application.

Zoom’s CEO, Eric Yuan, also revealed the reasons behind the policy. Yuan said that this policy was based on Zoom’s desire to work with law enforcement authorities.

“We do not provide security features to free users, because we want to work with the FBI and law enforcement if there is an abuse of the Zoom application,” Yuan said in a statement.

But on the other hand, Zoom’s decision has drawn criticism from some users.

Filtering customers

Zoom’s security consultant Alex Stamos then provides an explanation of his company’s policies.

Stamos said that at the moment Zoom was having trouble balancing ways to improve privacy while reducing misuse of its products.

The intended abuse refers to some illegal actions that occurred on the Zoom application some time ago, such as hate speech and exploitative content of children.

According to Jon Callas of the American Civil Liberties Union, Zoom’s move to present security features is only for premium customers, judged to be able to minimize free users who use it only for fraudulent or illegal actions.