Facebook Announces BARS, TikTok Competitor’s Rap Music App

Teknoku.meĀ – Facebook hasn’t given up on rivaling the popularity of the short video app TikTok. After Lasso and Collab, Mark Zuckerberg’s startup introduced another application called BARS.

According to Facebook, this application is intended for millennial users who are fond of singing hip hop or rap songs.

Just like TikTok, BARS users can record a short video accompanied by music or song accompaniment. The difference is, this application offers a variety of favorite songs from a number of well-known rappers.

When recording videos accompanied by music, users can use various sound effects, one of which is auto-tuned. This effect is used to make the sound recording quality better.

Facebook itself claims recordings made through the BARS application will have good quality and are equivalent to studio recordings.

Apart from sound effects, BARS also has an auto-suggest feature. This feature is useful for giving instructions on how the lyrics or tone of a rap song is sung.

However, it is not clear what features in this application are complete. However, looking at the initial appearance of the BARS application, there are a number of TikTok-style features, such as “Featured” and “New” which are similar to “Following” and “For You”.

This means that the user may be able to browse various other BARS content by swiping the screen up (swipe up) or down (swipe down).

For availability, BARS is currently only available on the Apple App Store (iOS) application store in the United States region and is still in the trial phase.

For information, besides BARS, Facebook also has other music-based applications called Lasso and Collab whose features are more or less similar to the TikTok application.

Lasso itself was closed in mid-2020 and after being tested for about 2 years.

The reason is said to be because Facebook wants to focus more on the Reels feature on Instagram, a short video recording feature that is also similar to TikTok’s main feature.

The Collab is currently still in beta and is only available for a small number of iOS users.