iPhone 13 doesn’t have connector at all?

Teknoku.me – Starting from the iPhone 7 in 2016, Apple no longer includes an audio jack on its cellphones. Now there is news that the Lightning connector will be removed as well.

This information comes from a well-known gadget leaker, Jon Prosser, who said that next year’s iPhone 13 lineup will have no connector at all, aka portless.

The reason is related to the MagSafe wireless charging technology introduced in the iPhone 12 series. With MagSafe, cables and connectors are no longer needed for charging the battery.

“Since MagSafe was introduced, a lot of people have been speculating that the iPhone 13 or the next iPhone may come without a port,” Prosser said.

“The answer could be” yes “or” no. “Maybe not all future iPhone models will, but next year it is estimated that one of them (iPhone) will not have a port,” he continued.

If this prediction is true, buyers will likely be “forced” to buy a charger separately. Because, starting with the iPhone 12, Apple no longer includes a charger in the iPhone sales packaging.

If later the iPhone 13 really doesn’t have a port, this device will only be able to charge the battery wirelessly. Users cannot use the USB charger they already have.

Apple argues that the charger was removed to reduce electronic waste, in addition to reducing the size of the packaging. However, the price of the iPhone 12 lineup is still the same as before, even though it comes without a charger.