Leaked Android 12, from Code Names to New Features

Teknoku.meĀ – Google is expected to introduce the Android 12 operating system at Google I/O in May. Various leaks about Android 12 have also circulated in cyberspace, including questions about code names and features that will be carried.

XDA Developers found that the Android 12 source code published by Google late last year, contained the prefix “sc” in the development branches section. The initials are thought to be “Snow Cone”, a sweet treat that became the code name for Android 12.

However, the code name will likely only be used by Google internals to distinguish each Android version.

The reason is, Google last used sweet foods as the name for Android, namely Android 9.0 Pie. The dessert’s naming was later removed on Android 10 and Android 11.

However, the company internally still uses sweets as a code name for Android. For example, the company used the code name RVC aka Red Velvet Cake to refer to Android 11.

As is known, since launching the third Android OS or version 1.5, Google has made the name dessert a hallmark of its Android operating system. The naming mechanism is arranged in alphabetical order.

It is noted that Google has used several dessert names such as cupcakes, donuts, eclairs, froyo, gingerbread, honeycomb, ice cream sandwiches, jellybean, KitKat, and lollipop as the name of the OS. Google last pinned the dessert name “Pie” for the Android 9.0 version.

Feature leak

Android 12 will allegedly bring several new features such as a new auto-rotate feature, a built-in gaming mode, and a quick setting toggle to reduce smartphone screen brightness.

This new auto-rotate feature is reportedly going to rely on the front camera of the user’s device to detect user activity when switching from vertical to horizontal mode.

Currently, the auto-rotation feature still represents the combined data from the accelerometer sensor and the cellphone gyroscope. The data from these two sensors are said to be less accurate when it detects which mode the user is using.

Then there is the GameManager feature. With this feature, users can adjust the level of brightness, sound, and the “don’t disturb” mode. This feature is likely to be turned on automatically when the user starts running the game.

Android 12 is also rumored to have a toggle button to reduce the brightness of the cellphone screen with a certain capacity that has been provided. Its purpose is as a shortcut to adjust the brightness of the cellphone screen.

Android interface 12

In addition to features, leaks about the appearance of Android 12 have also spread in cyberspace. From the leaked images, it can be seen that (UI) Android 12 is designed to be simpler with a combination of solid colors.

From the leak, it appears that there is a new widget that will display the contents of the chat and other notifications from the other person in the messaging application.

Also, the contents of the conversation can be displayed on the home screen via the widget. The notification area itself is no longer transparent but instead replaced with a solid color.

However, the color may also be changed, for example when using a different theme or activating dark mode.

The color of the status bar at the top containing the clock, signal indicator, and battery appears simpler, showing only one solid color. The location has also been changed, the position of the clock is now in the upper left corner, not in the upper right as before.

From the leak, Android 12 also appears to be able to display a new privacy indicator in the form of a camera and microphone icon.

Users will also be reminded every time an application will use the camera or microphone on the device.

Google reportedly will release an early stage Android 12 beta and Developer Preview at the end of this month.

That way, the appearance and new features of the operating system will be known more clearly shortly. We’ll just wait!