Apple Back to Selling Cheap iPhones Next Year? – Apple’s market share in the global market has declined. Apple also began designing strategies to stop this negative trend. Reportedly, one of the strategies is to regenerate the iPhone SE after two years of absence.

Cheap iPhone is targeted for developing countries and China, wherein those countries Apple’s market share was eroded by Chinese and Samsung vendors. From the rumors, the iPhone SE 2020 will have a 4.7-inch span, similar to the iPhone 8.

The panel uses an LCD and reportedly mostly has the same components that are installed in the iPhone flagship at this time. iPhone SE will only be equipped with a single camera with internal memory up to 128 GB.

Indeed, this is not the first time the iPhone SE is called to be reborn. Last year, rumors about the iPhone SE 2 were circulating in cyberspace. Apple is said to be producing a special iPhone for the Indian market with a tag of US $ 299 4.2 million.

The decline in iPhone shipments began to occur last year. Apple’s position as the second-largest smartphone vendor globally must be left out by Huawei to date.

Sales of the iPhone 2018 trio were also said to be insufficient to boost Apple’s market share, which according to the IDC report continued to fall in the last three quarters.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook called the price tag that is increasingly expensive to be a factor in the decline in iPhone sales in developing countries.

“Apple is facing a tough year in smartphone competition. The new iPhone SE can help Apple secure its user base,” explained Eddie Han, a senior industry analyst at the Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute.

The new iPhone SE will reportedly be released next spring or around March to June 2020. The schedule is the same schedule as the launch of the inaugural iPhone SE in 2016.