Apple Patents iPhone Without Notch, Launched This Year? – Apple is reportedly preparing a big change for the latest iPhone model that will launch in 2020.

Not only support the 5G network, the device reportedly will carry a new design without a notch that has always been on the forehead of the iPhone since the iPhone X output 2017.

Allegations were reinforced after Apple has patented the design of mobile phones in the Japanese patent office, which was published on December 23, there are illustrations of mobile phones with screens that are unobstructed bangs. The frame around it looks rather thick.

According to rumors, the 2020 edition will reportedly come with four new models with large screens, two with 6.1-inch screens, then 5.4 inches, and finally 6.7 inches.

The iPhone Notch has been used as a selfie camera container as well as a camera and projector for Face ID facial recognition.

Because the components are not visible in the device illustrations in the patent, Apple seems to be planning to hide them behind the scenes or switch to using an in-display fingerprint scanner like an Android cellphone.

Not explained what the name of the cell phone in the patent. It is also possible that this illustration does not depict the design of a smartphone (iPhone), but other devices such as the iPod Touch.