Apple Showing off Smart Home System

teknoku – If in 2019 only the advertisements were involved in the CES event, but this year Apple really did participate. The tech giant from Cupertino will open a stand at the annual exhibition that takes place in Las Vegas.

This will break Apple’s tradition. The reason is that they have not participated in the CES exhibition for a long time. Finally, the company made by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak joined CES in 1992.

Apple’s participation this year is because it does not want to lose to Amazon and Google. Both are rumored to be launching new IoT devices supporting voice commands.

At CES 2020, Apple will certainly show off its smart home system, HomeKit. It’s just that there will be no launch of new Apple products there.

In addition, Apple’s Senior Director of Global Privacy Jane Horwath is scheduled to deliver her speech on 7 January. He will talk about protecting customer privacy.


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