AWS Simplifies Utilization of Cloud-Based AI and ML

TEKNOKU.meĀ – Amazon Web Services (AWS) makes it easy to utilize new digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, in various features in the cloud-based ecosystem. The ease is manifested in various features based on the customer experience used in innovation experiments.

Olivier Klein, AWS Asia-Pacific Head of Emerging Technologies, explained the big changes that are happening now are mainly driven by the latest digital innovations, such as Gojek and Grab. So it can be said, innovation today is driven more by technology.

“With the proper use of technology, it can create new business models, penetrate markets, and drive new customers,” Olivier said.

According to Olivier, new technology (emerging) that allows the emergence of various cutting-edge innovations such as autonomous vehicles, drones, voice assistants, chatbots, personalized experiences, fraud detection.

“Also, the latest innovations such as robotic fulfillment, computer-assisted health diagnosis, intelligent manufacturing, augmented reality, biometric identities, genomics, and personalized medication,” he explained.

However, he continued, all applications that were built were still human-centric oriented. In the past, we had to type on computers and create programming languages to build digital applications. Now we can talk to computers to give birth to the latest digital innovations. The computer can recognize sounds and faces (face recognition).

“That may be because the more data available, the more intelligent the computer, and on top of that there is artificial intelligence and machine learning,” he said.

He cited an autonomous vehicle that had been developed in China with a cloud-based ecosystem from AWS. About 10 years ago, autonomous vehicles were very complex and complex to implement, but now AWS can make computer vision models the baseline of autonomous vehicles.

Another example, he continued Amazon Go as one of the retail outlets without human services. This is possible because on top of the retail outlets installed a variety of cameras to take data and put it in a computer vision model. Thus, computers can analyze and verify customer purchases in real-time.

According to him, when everyone starts to focus on new digital technologies to create the latest customer experience, this will return to the point of innovation experiments. The power of experimentation has become an engine to drive rapid innovation.

“For example on Amazon there were 50 million code deployments in 2014, which means an average of 1.5 deployments per second,” he said.

He also explained, AWS has created 4-5 new features every day to support the business agility and speed required by customers. He said that they wanted to continue to provide new customer capability, 90% of which was based on customer feedback.

Donnie Prakoso, AWS Senior Technology Evangelist ASEAN, explained that with various facilities provided by AWS, customers can focus on the business or application they are building, while the infrastructure is handled professionally by AWS. For example for serverless computing, AWS allows automatic scaling, scale up to scale down automatically.

Paying for costs when there is a process, pay only for value, “he explained.

Thus, Donnie explained, AWS also provides convenience for customers and developers to focus on business development and the applications they build. While for operations, it can be handled by AWS. AWS also provides various benefits such as 67% cost reduction, and 50% reducing latency. In addition, AWS wants to support applications to operate as quickly as possible, as easily as possible.