Bad News for PS5 and Xbox Series X Fans – Since it was first launched, the Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Microsoft Xbox Series X consoles have been hard to find in the market.

The bad news is that fans of the two-game consoles seem to still have to be patient for the next two years. The reason is, both consoles are expected to continue to be rare in stores until 2023.

The prediction is based on a statement by Toshiba’s Director, Takeshi Kamebuchi, who said that his company would have difficulty meeting the demands of its customers until September next year.

Toshiba is a supplier of power regulator chips for various types of devices, from household electronics to automotive. Some of its biggest customers are game console industry players, such as Sony and Microsoft.

“Game console makers are one of the customers who make more orders than customers in other segments. I am also very concerned about their disappointment because none of them have 100 percent fulfilled their demands,” said Takeshi.

Console manufacturers can’t just switch to other manufacturers because various safety certifications are required for power regulator chips.

To overcome the scarcity of power regulator chips, Toshiba plans to increase production capacity in the next few years. It also aims to anticipate similar problems in the future.