New PS5 Model Getting Lighter but Hotter? – Sony some time ago released a new version of the PlayStation 5 (PS5). Although there are no changes in terms of appearance, the new PS5 model weighs 300 grams lighter than the initial PS5 Standard Edition.

At that time, it was not known what components Sony replaced to reduce the weight of the console.

Well, recently, gaming YouTuber Austin Evans dismantled the new version of the PS5. He finds out what components or hardware Sony has changed and uploads the video on YouTube.

According to Evans, a very striking change lies in the cooling pipe (heatsink) of the device. The aluminum and copper cooler is now 16 percent smaller than the previous generation.

Because it is smaller, the weight of this new version of the PS5 Standard Edition can be made lighter than the initial version.

However, this smaller heatsink will also have an impact on PS5 performance. Because the heat that can be absorbed by the device will depend on the size of the heatsink used.

This means that it is likely that the new PS5 will be slightly hotter than the original PS5. However, Sony seems to have a solution for this and replace the type of fan that is in the PS5.

Now, every impeller in the latest version of the PS5 fan component is made longer than the initial version. This allows more air to enter the PS5 and can lighten the workload of the heatsink.

It is not yet certain whether the presence of this latest fan will help reduce heat in the new PS5 version or not.

Because, it could be influenced by software that can limit the overall PS5 hardware performance, so it doesn’t heat up quickly.

To be clear, Evans noted that the fan coming out of the PS5’s air vents feels 3-5 degrees Celsius warmer.

In addition to the heatsink, Evans added that this new version of the PS5 is also equipped with a mount with a clamp design and a different type of bolt from its predecessor.

This brand-new bolt can be tightened directly by hand so it is more practical.

Users do not need to bother looking for a screwdriver if they want to adjust the position between the support and the console.

There is also a WiFi module whose position is now slightly changed. Because the motherboard model used by the new PS5 is slightly different from the initial version.

Evans got the PS5 with the model number CFI-1102A directly from Japan.

The PS5 version is also allegedly available in many retail stores in Australia and the United States.

Based on much news circulating, the latest version of the PS5 is rumored to be also available in other regions.

However, given the high demand and the situation of the scarcity of chips, this is still uncertain and Sony has not released any information about its availability in several countries.