Best-selling Audio-Based Clubhouse and Social Media Applications – Clubhouse is on the rise. Especially after Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg joined in to talk through the audio-based social media application.

Clubhouse’s download rate also jumped. According to a report from app research firm App Annie, the number of downloads for the Clubhouse app increased from 3.5 million on February 1, 2021, to 8.1 million on February 16, 2021.

This means that Clubhouse is downloaded 4.6 million times in just two weeks. The total number of downloads has also increased to more than double the previous figure in this relatively short period of time.

Even though Clubhouse is currently only available on the iOS platform. An Android version is being developed, but it is not clear when it will be released.

In the App Annie report, the United States is said to be the largest market for the Clubhouse application. Uncle Sam’s country reportedly contributed more than 2.6 million of the total number of downloads.

Regarding the number of users, in January, Clubhouse Co-founder Paul Davison revealed the number of 2 million weekly active users. The number is probably much bigger now, judging by the spike in downloads in the first two weeks of February.

Several audio-based social media applications such as Clubhouse have also reportedly seen an increase in the number of downloads, such as Dizhua, Tiya, and Yalla. This application is reportedly quite attractive to users from China, the United States, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

Dizhua, for example, claims that it has been downloaded 174,000 times. Then, Tiya recorded 6 million installations, while Yalla recorded 34.5 million downloads.

Also, several audio-based applications have recently become popular thanks to the presence of Clubhouse including Sonar, Locker Room, Quilt, Yoni Circle, Roadtrip, Space, Capiche.FM, Yac, Cappuccino, and others.

Its popularity is driven by the unique concept it offers. Instead of video calls, users discuss only by listening to the voices of participants who join the chat room.

In the Clubhouse application, users can connect with anyone to listen and have conversations that discuss various topics. Starting from private discussions to public conversation topics.