WhatsApp Users Cannot Read and Reply Messages if Reject New Policy

Teknoku.me – WhatsApp’s new policy regarding user data will come into effect on May 15. The policy that discussed data sharing with Facebook was postponed due to a lot of controversies.

On May 15, users will receive a banner with a statement to agree to the policy. If you do not agree, users cannot use WhatsApp normally.

On the FAQ page, WhatsApp said, it would not delete the accounts of users who did not agree to the new policy. However, some functions will not work.

WhatsApp says users will still be able to receive calls and notifications. However, users will not be able to send and read received messages.

WhatsApp does not explain in more detail, how long the user will find the message before finally, they can no longer use WhatsApp. WhatsApp will continue to send notifications, so users can review and accept them.

Users who do not agree to the new policy will be considered inactive users. If you see the FAQ page, WhatsApp accounts that have been inactive for 120 days will be deleted.

“To maintain security, limit data retention, and protect the privacy of our users, the WhatsApp account will be deleted after 120 days of inactivity. Inactivity means the user has not been connected to WhatsApp,” WhatsApp wrote.

WhatsApp APAC Communications Director Sravanthi Dev said WhatsApp wanted to be transparent with its users, in addition to helping improve the service experience in their chat application.

WhatsApp API

According to Sravanthi, the update is actually to facilitate companies that use the WhatsApp API, or are connected to analytics services, such as those of Facebook.

“It’s up to you (WhatsApp users), whether you want to interact with businesses (companies that use the WhatsApp API) or not,” said Sravanthi.

For information, Application Programming Interface (API) is one of the WhatsApp service businesses for large companies. This API is different from the WhatsApp Business account which targets small businesses more.

WhatsApp API users are companies that manage large numbers of customers, such as mobile operators, airlines, or e-commerce.

These companies can take advantage of the API from WhatsApp to determine customer interests and needs to improve services.

Thus, the conversation data is not only accessed by WhatsApp, but by a third party, namely the company that uses the API.

Therefore, WhatsApp first asks users for permission, if they communicate with a business account at any time, the data is no longer protected by end-to-end encryption and can be managed by other parties.

However, WhatsApp emphasized that the conversation data could not be snooped on by companies/businesses using the WhatsApp API. Because, to use the API, WhatsApp has strict requirements regarding data management.

Sravanthi said data stored on third-party company servers is claimed to remain safe because companies cannot read conversations or files sent via WhatsApp.

“We have strict requirements to approve someone (company) using our API, the company must have high practical standards,” said Sravanthi.