Chinese-Made Intelligence Will compete with America

TEKNOKU.meĀ – Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being developed in various countries. At present, the United States (US) is the main leader about AI but China is experiencing the fastest growth.

Based on Global AI Index research by Tortoise Intelligence, China will overtake the development of US AI in the next 5 to 10 years.

The index ranks 54 countries based on their AI capabilities. There are 7 indicators examined including human talent, infrastructure, research, government strategy, and commercialization.

The US is at the forefront with a significant margin. Uncle Sam’s country scored 100, almost double that of China which got 58.3. Britain, Canada, and Germany are next.

AI has great potential to become a widely used future technology, for example in the financial sector to transportation. No wonder if various developed countries focus on developing it.

The number of global AI companies has doubled in 4 years. At present, there are around 20 companies developing AI technology from automatic cars to medical algorithms to detect diseases accurately.

More than 10 thousand AI companies have been established since 2015 with total funding reaching around USD 37 billion.