Disney Selling Studio Games

TEKNOKU.meĀ – Disney announced the sale of its Los Angeles FoxNext Games studio game that made ‘MARVEL Strike Force’ and a number of other fairly popular game titles.

The mobile game company Scopely was chosen as the new owner of this game studio. As quoted by Tech Crunch, the game studio was acquired by Disney in 2019 as part of a deal with 21st Century Fox worth USD 71.3 billion.

But apparently Disney at the time did not divest the complete Fox lineup. Disney later clarified that a separate portfolio of licensed Fox IP game titles was not part of this agreement and would continue to be part of Disney’s licensed gaming business. So far, the value of Scopely’s acquisition of FoxNext Games is unknown.

“We are very impressed with the games made by the FoxNext Games team, especially the MARVEL Strike Force. And we can’t wait to see what else we can do together,” said Tim O’Brien, Scopely’s Chief Revenue Officer, about this agreement.

FoxNext Games released the first game ‘MARVEL Strike Force’ in March 2018 and made USD 150 million in its first year for iOS and Android. Another FoxNext Games game title, ‘Storyscape’ which was released in early 2019, looks interesting because it offers adventure and storyline that can be chosen based on the background story of ‘The X-Files’ and ‘Titanic.’

Recently, FoxNext Games also introduced ‘Avatar: Pandora Rising,’ a massive strategy game set in Pandora from the movie Avatar.

According to data from Sensor Tower, ‘MARVEL Strike Force’ has been downloaded more than 26 million times to date, and ‘Storyscape’ has reached 1.7 million install numbers. Meanwhile, the Avatar game is not yet widely available, because it is still under development. Currently, the game only reaches 100,000.