Follow the iPhone 12, called Android phones will be sold without a charger – The iPhone 12 is indeed a lot of surprises. Introduced as the first line with 5G connectivity, the iPhone 12 series has more models than ever before.

Not only that, but Apple also provided other “surprises” in the packaging box. For the first time, Apple did not provide a charger and earphones in the box.

Later, buyers will only get a Lightning to USB-C converter cable and a cellphone.

If you want a charger, you have to buy it separately for as low as 19 USD.

Apple is also usually a trendsetter. What Apple has done is often imitated by other vendors. Likewise with the decision to remove the charger from the purchase package.

IDC market analyst Risky Febrian said that other smartphone vendors may also follow Apple’s steps.

This is because some Android smartphone manufacturers have also started reducing accessories in the purchase box.

Especially flagship smartphones, some of which don’t include earphones and eliminate the audio jackholes. Indirectly, users are “forced” to buy additional accessories in the form of wireless earphones.

“Chargers may be (removed), as long as vendors are willing to try to introduce their products at competitive prices, while they also have to include expensive components such as 5G modems or new display technology,” explained Risky.

Risky added, the strategy to reduce production costs is not limited to that. Some manufacturers outsmart it by reducing the quality of the components. Like replacing metal with plastic or polycarbonate for the casing.

“There must be a fairly significant increase in production costs from Apple, which in the end they can still maintain the same selling price by cutting costs from other parts, for example by removing the charger and earphones,” said Risky.

Changes in the purchase box will also apply to older iPhone lines, such as the iPhone 11, iPhone XR, and also the iPhone SE.

Apple reasoned this decision to reduce the impact of environmental pollution and mining activities.

In fact, rumors of the absence of a charger and earphones in the iPhone 12 purchase box have been heard long ago. TF Internationa Securities analyst MingChi Kuo has revealed it.

At that time, Kuo said that this was one of Apple’s strategies to balance the production costs of the iPhone 12.

So, the iPhone 12 could be sold at the same price as the iPhone 11 even though it carried many improvements in terms of hardware, one of which was the Bionic A14 chip and 5G modem.