Get ready, Netflix users who are “ruffled” accounts will be blocked – Netflix users who often “hack into” accounts should be wary. This is because the on-demand video streaming provider this week reportedly started smoking those who used to use one account together.

Several users reported being “blocked” by Netflix, aka unable to access the video service. A notification appears that provides a condition for the user to return to watching.

“If you don’t live with the account owner, you need to have your own account to keep watching,” the message read in the notification, offering the option of a 30-day free subscription by creating your own account.

If the notification recipient is the original owner of the account in question, Netflix also requires verification that will be sent via e-mail or SMS to the registered number.

In other words, those who are used to hacking accounts are required to create and use their own accounts if they don’t want to be blocked.

A Netflix representative who spoke to The Streamable explained that his party had indeed started testing to find users who used accounts by the gang.

“This test is designed to help ensure that the people who use the Netflix account are really those who are entitled,” said the spokesperson.

According to the terms of use of Netflix, one account can actually be used by several people, but only for the same household. Meanwhile, so far, people who share accounts are not always the same house, especially buyers who have access to illegal accounts that are sold for less than the official price.

Sharing accounts is relatively easy because previously inactivity was prevented by Netflix, beyond limiting devices that can access the account simultaneously, based on the subscription package purchased.

It doesn’t explain how Netflix ensures that users sharing accounts are at home, whether through tracking IP addresses or other means. It is also unclear whether this restriction will apply to all packages or certain packages.

It is reported that Netflix’s notification of limiting account usage by those not at home has only appeared on smart TV devices.