Telegram Update There are New Features Like Clubhouse – The popularity of voice-based social networks, Clubhouse turned out to make other platforms emulate the concept. After Twitter introduced Twitter Spaces, now Telegram is also developing features with a similar function to Clubhouse.

This feature is Voice Chat 2.0, an update from Voice Chat that was first introduced in December 2020. Voice Chat will support voice conversations on the Telegram channel with thousands of members.

That way, there will be no limit to how many people will be able to listen to Voice Chat conversations.

“No matter how popular the talk is, new people will be able to listen. This is like the reinvention of public radio in the 21st century,” wrote Telegram in its official blog. So, what is the difference between Voice Chat on Telegram and Clubhouse?

Voice Chat will also allow channel admins and public groups to record conversations. They can save Voice Chat audio recordings and then share them with other members if they haven’t had time to follow.

As a sign, if a Voice Chat is recorded, a red dot icon will appear next to the title. During the chat via Voice Chat, all participants will be muted, except the speaker.

If you want to speak, participants can signal to the admin that they want to express their opinion by tapping the raise the hand icon.

Like Clubhouse, group and channel admins can also create invitations in the form of a link to circulate. Different links can also be created by speakers and participants.

Finally, users can choose whether they want to join the Voice Chat chat room on a channel with a personal account or one of their channels.

“Celebrities and public figures can use this method to avoid attention when using their private accounts,” wrote Telegram.

Unlike Clubhouse, which has just penetrated iOS, the Voice Chat feature on Telegram is already available on iOS and Android. If it hasn’t appeared, it’s a good idea to check for app updates on the Play Store and App Store.

Apart from Voice Chat, Telegram also adds other features such as canceling forwarded messages and continuing to listen to long voice messages from the last listening point.

“You can also resume playback from the last point when listening to a long voice message,” wrote Telegram.