HTC Will Make a Premium Cellphone Again

TEKNOKU.meĀ – HTC, the Taiwanese smartphone vendor is almost unheard of. Echoes of the HTC increasingly covered by smartphone manufacturers from China that increasingly widespread.

After releasing the U19e series cell phone last June, HTC has yet to release a cellphone that is included in the upper-middle segment category. But reportedly HTC plans to re-release premium segment phones.

The plan was expressed by the CEO of HTC, Yves Maitres. According to him, this premium mobile phone will be marketed in countries that have high GDP (gross domestic product) numbers.

“HTC has stopped innovating in smartphone hardware. Apple, Samsung, and Huawei can invest well in hardware. We don’t, because we are investing in Virtual Reality innovation,” Yves said.

He added that HTC did not plan to completely quit the smartphone industry. Even so, Yves did not provide a detailed explanation of the strategy taken, to start re-producing premium mobile phones.

HTC itself is currently posting losses for five consecutive quarters. In the second quarter (Q2) 2019 HTC was still recorded experiencing financial losses.

HTC smartphone business has begun to deteriorate since 2011. At that time, HTC was still the largest cellphone vendor in the United States, beating Samsung and Apple.

But the rise of vendors from China such as Huawei and ZTE, as well as increased competition between Apple and Samsung made HTC have to bend its knees in 2012.

In 2018, Google took over 2,000 engineers and staff from HTC to design and make Pixel phones. Since then, HTC began trying to launch mobile phones that focus on the blockchain.

But with all kinds of strategies implemented, including by selling the HTC brand to InOne, HTC’s smartphone sales figures have continued to decline. Even this brand is not included in the top 10 vendors with the largest market share in the world.

“HTC made a mistake in terms of time management. This is a mistake that is difficult to pay, but we still have so many assets to innovate, team and balance sheet, so I feel we are recovering from this error,” concluded Yves.