IOS 13 Update Can Be Downloaded, These New Features – After waiting a few months, Apple finally released the iOS 13 update for general users.

Previously iOS 13 was introduced at WWDC 2019 in June. Now the iOS 13 update can be downloaded for general users on iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

In the near future, Apple will also release the iPad’s operating system as iOS 13 which was made specifically for iPad devices.

What are the new features in iOS 13 that you must try immediately?

Dark Mode on iOS 13

The most interesting update from iOS 13 is Dark Mode. During the 12 years, Apple released an iPhone device, the iOS 13 update became the first operating system to support the appearance of Light and Dark.

Dark Mode works in all parts starting from the Lockscreen, Home Screen and also the default application and third-party applications that already support.

By using Dark Mode, the background color that previously used a bright color such as white will turn dark.

The use of Dark Mode is also claimed to save battery on iPhone devices with OLED screens such as iPhone X, iPhone XS to iPhone 11.

Dark Mode can be set via Settings – Display & Brightness. You can also find Dark Mode access via Control Center or commands to Siri.

The row of New Features in Photos

Photos on iOS 13

The Photos application gets many new features on iOS 13 to help you manage photos and also do a number of image editing features.

First, you can say goodbye to Camera Roll.

Yes, the iOS 13 update uses a photo organizing system that does not use the Camera Roll folder. Your photo list can be viewed based on the vulnerable time of shooting starting from the year, month, day or all photos.

All tabs in Photos also appear fresher with neat catalog modes, faster application opening processes and smart curation based on the best photos.

Second, Photos has several editing modes that are getting more complete. My favorite part is the video editing which finally supports Crop, Rotate, and Auto Enhance modes.

For photographers who often move RAW format shots from digital cameras to iPad or iPhone, Photos now also supports RAW editing features.

Gaming controller on iOS 13

Play games often on iPhone or iPad devices? Now on iOS 13 and soon on iPadOS, Apple has opened gaming controller access to complete the game playing atmosphere more exciting!

You can use a gaming controller from PS4 or XBOX One to play various games that support it.

The connection mode used is pairing via Bluetooth and short settings.
Even the same access can also help you connect an iPadOS or iOS 13 device with a mouse along with access to additional function keys if available.

Portrait Lighting on iOS 13

For iPhone X users or newer, the Camera app now has a more sophisticated Portrait Lightning snap mode.

That is, you can adjust the Bokeh or Depth of Field effect before taking a picture.

The Portrait Lighting mode is also added with the High-Key Mono effect to create Portrait images with a monochromatic display.

QuickPath Keyboard

Keyboard updates have actually been given by Apple since iOS 9 by opening third-party keyboard access.

Now on iOS 13, Apple added QuickPath mode on the default keyboard. This feature is useful to help you type by swiping from the first letter to the next letter to make a word.

Safari Download Manager

Apple has finally become even more open with browser access in Safari to download various documents in cyberspace.

On iOS 13, you can use Safari Download Manager to download various documents and integrate directly into the Files application.

Speaking of Files, Apple has an interesting increase in this file manager application. Namely, Share Folder mode in iCloud Drive and access documents from SD card or USB Flash Drive with accessories that support.

Sign in with Apple

For privacy issues, there are some important updates that can be used immediately if you are already using iOS 13.

First, the Sign in with Apple mode. This feature is created to protect your privacy data such as e-mail when connected to a service.

If you previously had to create a new account or connect a social media account to register for a new service, with Sign in with Apple everything is easier and safer.

The process is that every user wants to register in a new service that already supports Sign in with Apple, the iOS 13 system will provide a random ID.

The random ID is connected to the Apple ID and guarantees additional security processes such as two-factor authentication.

With Sign in with Apple, service providers will not get user’s personal data such as name, email or other important data.

Second, the Location Service mode also gets improvements for privacy issues.
Now Apple provides third-party application access settings with location record access options.

Starting from access just once, to find out what information is requested by the service provider.

Memoji Sticker

Frequently send Memoji on iMessage? Now on iOS 13, the Memoji feature is expanded to become Memoji Stickers.

Namely changing the Memoji that you have made into a Sticker and can be accessed on the Emoji keyboard. So you can share Memoji Sticker to applications other than iMessage. Examples are Mail, WhatsApp or other chat applications.