Microsoft Layoffs Tens of Journalists, Replaced by Artificial Intelligence – Microsoft recently fired dozens of journalists working for the Microsoft News and MSN pages. All journalists’ tasks will be taken over by artificial intelligence (AI).

The journalists and editorial team were initially hired to curate and select news content to be aired on, Edge, and a number of Microsoft News applications.

“Like companies in general, we conduct evaluations on our business regularly. This can increase investment in a number of sectors,” said Microsoft.

During this time, Microsoft took content from trusted media companies to display on the pages of and Microsoft News. The selection of the appropriate news was made by the editorial team.

Although this decision was taken in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak, Microsoft denied that the dismissal of the journalists was an impact of Covid-19.

“This decision was not caused by a pandemic,” Microsoft continued.

At least there are around 50 journalists who will lose their jobs because of this policy.

In addition, this decision also influenced the Microsoft News team in the United Kingdom.

At least 27 workers will be laid off there.

Microsoft itself has been in the media for more than 25 years. In 1995 ago, for the first time, Microsoft released

Microsoft has also revealed that there are more than 800 editors working in around 50 locations in the world for MSN.

Microsoft has gradually begun to use AI technology for Microsoft News in the past few months.

Microsoft has used AI to scan content and then process, to filter it.