Microsoft Makes Foldable Android Surface Duo Cellphone

TEKNOKU.meĀ – Microsoft returned to the smartphone “arena” after giving up developing Windows Phone in 2017. The software giant officially launched Surface Duo, its first folding phone to run the Android operating system.

“This product brings all the best things at Microsoft and we partnered with Google to bring the best things on Android to this product,” said Microsoft Product Chief, Panos Panay, when introducing the Surface Duo for the first time in New York.

Android that runs on Surface Duo is somewhat similar to the Windows 10X operating system that runs Surface Neo, a tiny sized dual-screen laptop that is also introduced to the Surface Duo.

The folding concept that is carried by the Surface Duo is different from the existing folding phones. Call it the Samsung Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X.

The hinge in the middle is clearer, especially when stretched, the screen measuring 8.3 inches will shrink to 5.6 inches when folded.

Each screen can run different applications at the same time. In the promotional video, users can use one of the screens in landscape mode and another screen as a keyboard and pad or game controller.

The Surface duo is powered by Snapdragon 855. Although it has been introduced, the Surface Duo design is not yet fully final.

There are still several elements that want to be perfected, including whether the camera will be installed so that it is increasingly “legal” to be called a smartphone or not.

Surface Duo is predicted to be truly released in the upcoming 2020 holiday season. Want to see what a Surface Duo looks like? Check out the following video URL.