Non Play Store Applications Will Be Complicated on Android 11? – The use of applications downloaded from outside the Play Store is permitted on Android, but on Android 11 the use of non-play Store APKs will be complicated.

During this time, Android users simply turn on the option to allow the installation of applications from outside the Play Store. And it only needs to be done once, so users do not need to repeat these steps every time they want to install applications from outside the Play Store.

But on Android 11, the process isn’t that easy. The reason Google is implementing a new system called Scoped Storage on Android 11, which makes applications only have access to application-specific directories on mobile storage and this is what complicates the process of installing – and using – non-Play Store applications.

Judging from the Google issue tracker page, after permission is given for an application, the permission will automatically stop. The process will only start again when the application is opened.

This causes the application to not work in the background and makes the application look crashed or problematic.

“The way the filesystem and storage mount work on Android R (Android 11) changes significantly. When the application is opened without this permission, the application will be able to see the filesystem without being able to write to certain directories (for example Android / OBB),” Google wrote.

“After the application gets permission, then the way it will change again and need to be updated to allow the application to write to a specific directory. We are still evaluating this internally,” he continued.

From this statement, it is still possible that Google will change or improve this new system.