Predicted Apple 5G Modem New Coming in 2022, How the Fate of the iPhone?

TEKNOKU.meĀ – In order to strengthen the development of the device modem, in mid-2019 Apple bought Intel’s modem business. However, despite getting the business line, it seems that Apple’s 5G modem will not launch in the near future.

According to a source close to this, Apple is expected to only be able to produce its own 5G modem in 2022. That same year the source said that Apple had an aggressive business plan.

The source did not explain in detail what the meaning of the word “aggressive” he was saying. He only said that Apple had designed all the timelines for the development stage, testing, until the modem certification process.

Although it will only be finished in three years, it doesn’t mean iPhone lovers have to wait that long to get an iPhone that supports 5G networks.

Because, Apple is still relying on chip modem supply from Qualcomm and there is a possibility that the company from San Diego, California, United States can distribute 5G modems for the iPhone in the near future.

Apple and Qualcomm’s own relationship is now getting better after years of being involved in a dispute over a technology license payment. The two companies decided to make peace with each other last April.

Apple itself began to seriously develop a 5G modem independently when disputing with Qualcomm since 2017.

No wonder if Apple then decided to acquire the Intel smartphone modem business in June. This business acquisition effort can be called a big step towards developing 5G on the iPhone.

Apple is quite late in adopting this fifth-generation network. Because now there are many Android vendors who first spawn 5G smartphones that rely on chips made by Qualcomm.