Tencent Offers a Free Trial of 55 Games to Entertain Chinese Citizens

TEKNOKU.meĀ – Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, millions of Chinese have been forced to stay at home to avoid the virus. To entertain bored Chinese citizens because they are locked up at home, Tencent offers free games for its users.

Tencent provides a two-hour free trial of 55 PC games through their game store, WeGame. WeGame is a game store made by Tencent that looks like Steam and currently has more than 70 million users.

Most of the games offered are local games like My Time at Portia and Chinese Parents. But some Western games are also offered such as Subnautica and Hitman Go.

Games have indeed become one of the ways for Chinese citizens to get rid of boredom while locked up at home because of the coronavirus. Even the number of gamers that jumped in the last few weeks resulted in the server a number of fallen games, including Tencent’s games.

Call it the Chinese PUBG called Game for Peace. At the end of last January, the game was inaccessible because the surge in traffic received by the server could not be fulfilled.

Recently, another Tencent game Honor of Kings which is a local version of Arena of Valor (AoV) also had fallen. Some players complain that they cannot connect to the server after a spike in traffic.

The surge in daily Honor of Kings players has been very high lately. Based on data from Nomura and Sinolinks Securities, there are more than 100 million gamers who log in every day, quite far compared to the 60 million gamers previously recorded.