The iPhone 12 packaging box is thinner, take a look at the contents here – Last week, Apple officially launched its iPhone 12 lineup consisting of iPhone 12 mini, “regular” iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Unlike the previous model, the iPhone 12 line is sold without a charger and earphones in the purchase package. Thus, the packaging box for the purchase of the iPhone 12 becomes more compact and thin.

The famous YouTuber and gadget reviewer, Marques Brownlee, in the unboxing video shared on his YouTube channel, proves this.

Brownlee reviews the packaging contents of two iPhone 12 models, the “regular” iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro.

Unboxing iPhone 12 “Regular”

This time, the “regular” iPhone 12 Marques got was a red one. The “regular” iPhone 12 packaging box design is arguably nothing special. The size also tends to be thinner than the previous iPhone models.

“This size (cardboard) does look smaller than other iPhone packaging,” Brownlee said in his video.

The front of the box still shows an illustration of the iPhone 12 main screen, like the one in the box with the iPhone X.

On the left side, there is an inscription of “Apple” which is adjusted to the variant of the iPhone 12 you got, which is red.

Turning to the bottom side of the box, you can see a brief description located on the top side, and several product barcodes in the lower-left corner.

When opened, the user can immediately see the back of the “regular” iPhone 12 red color.

There is no charger and earphone cable, users only get one iPhone 12 unit and one Lightning to USB-C converter cable.

Not to forget, Apple has also provided a packaging box with a guidebook, SIM card ejector, and stickers with the Apple logo.

Unboxing iPhone 12 Pro

Brownlee has the opportunity to open the contents of the iPhone 12 Pro packaging box in the Pacific Blue color variant.

The iPhone 12 Pro is packaged in a black box with the front display in the form of a shiny illustration of the main screen with shades of blue.

Buyers can find a brief description at the bottom of the box, as well as some barcode codes in the lower-left corner.

When opened, users can immediately see the back of the iPhone 12 Pro which displays the camera module and the Apple logo in the middle.

The contents are the same as the other iPhone 12, namely, there is only one cellphone unit, one Lightning to USB-C converter cable, a SIM card ejector, and a sticker with the Apple logo. No charger and earphones.

This iPhone 12 sales box is designed as slim as possible, to make it more environmentally friendly. Because the charger head usually has thick dimensions and takes up space.

This is our effort to protect the environment. iPhone 12 doesn’t include a power adapter or EarPods. Please use the power adapter and your Apple headphones that are currently in use or buy these accessories separately, “said Apple.

According to Apple, this change could reduce more than 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions annually, which is the equivalent of eliminating 450,000 cars on the road in one year.

Apart from the iPhone 12, Apple is also implementing this new change for the sales of other iPhone models, such as the iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and iPhone SE (2020).

To have a closer look at the contents of the sales box for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, please visit the following link.