The Risks Behind the Fun Playing Mobile Phones While Lying Before Sleeping – Playing mobile phones while lying down or lying down is an activity that we may often do, especially in our spare time. Even though it is fun, if it is done continuously, this activity will have an impact on the health of the user.

Not only physical health but also mental. Moreover, not a few users often play with their cellphones while lying down before going to bed. Well, without realizing it, this habit can also have a negative effect on the body.

The following are a number of effects on the body if you play your cellphone too often while lying down.

Cause insomnia

In displaying images, the phone screen emits blue light. This beam has a function to display different colors.

Blue light does not cause bad effects for the eyes, however, this light can affect the work of the brain.

According to a study, blue light can suppress the production of the hormone melatonin in the brain. For information, melatonin is a hormone that can regulate a person’s sleep cycle.

If the hormone melatonin is suppressed continuously, then a person will find it difficult to sleep. This is what causes insomnia at night.

Without enough sleep, productivity during the day will certainly be disrupted. Insomnia can also cause a person to feel tired throughout the day.

Anxiety disorders

Opening a smartphone while lying down before bed can also cause anxiety disorders. Moreover, if users open social media and find there are uploads that make them upset or sad.

Although you may not feel it so much, it’s not advisable to have feelings of sadness or upset just before going to bed. This can create anxiety and emotional disorders.

Unconsciously, these negative emotions can also lead to difficulty sleeping.

In addition, when cell phone users continuously use their smartphones while lying down before going to sleep, the user’s brain will still be forced to continue to be active. That is, the brain’s rest time is decreasing.

In fact, the position of the body when lying down or lying down indicates the body and brain are ready to rest. Without adequate rest, the brain will lose its efficiency over time.

Temporary blindness

In the journal Transient Smartphone Blindness, a neurologist at the National Hospital of Neurology, Gordon Plant, conducted a study on two women who suddenly experienced transient monocular visual loss or temporary blindness.

The two women claimed to only be able to use one eye to see. As a result, the other eye can not see the object properly alias blind. The blindness is apparently caused by the habit of using a smartphone while lying in a dark room.

Plant explains that people often use their phones while lying down with one eye closed, or accidentally focus on them.

For example, using the phone in a lying position tilted to the left, the right eye takes a few minutes before it can see as well as the left eye.

And vice versa, when playing the cellphone in a lying position on its right side. Because in the position lying sideways, one eye is not exposed to the light of the cellphone as much as the other eye.

This is what causes visual disturbances.

Symptoms of temporary blindness, usually occur in patients who suffer from stroke. That’s where the problem lies as this can lead to an incorrect diagnosis from the doctor.

“A few years ago these patients would probably have been referred first to a specialist clinic,” said Plant.