Sony Spreads Good News for PS5 Fans – Since its launch around November 2020, Sony’s latest-generation console, the PlayStation 5 (PS5) has been hard to find for fans around the world.

This phenomenon is said to be caused by the scarcity of chips that are hitting the technology industry as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, plus the proliferation of bots that have invaded various online sales channels.

However, that seems to be changing in the near future.

The reason is, Sony’s Chief Financial Officer, Hiroki Totoki ensures that the Japanese company has secured chip stocks to achieve the PS5 production target for this fiscal year which ends in March 2022.

In that period, Sony, based on a Reuters report, plans to produce 14.8 million units of the PS5. It is not stated how many PS5 sales targets are set by Sony.

What is clear, this production figure is more than the 10 million PS5 units that have been sold since its launch last November.

In other words, the PS5 will likely be available to enthusiasts at Sony’s partner retail stores around the world without having to register for a raffle ticket.

Fans also still have to fill out a form to register for the PS5 order queue, aka they can’t buy it directly.

However, the successor to the PS4 can actually be found in in-game shops scattered on a number of local e-commerce sites. It’s just that, the average price tag is above the official recommended price.

So, will the scarcity of the PS5 be overcome by securing the chip stock and the production target of 14.8 million units earlier? We’ll just wait.